Trump Rise Triggers Burping Out Of Undigested Words By Amy Schumer

It is prudent to be prudent; chew the words before spitting them out. Cool as a cucumber, Amy Schumer rasped she will relocate elsewhere if calculations forfeit the trend and Trump suits himself in a comedy of errors. She may have to pick up a new dialect, reconcile her stage performance accordingly – she is game for it.

Trump’s blowing the trumpet of victory burped her undigested words. Wiping off the mess & breaking ice she said it was a non-serious conversation in good jest. Amy stays, Trump rises, and the predictions of pundits fall apart: we are about to witness arguably the most outrageous American president, and hope so Trump foots the bill for bravura in his boasts.

From a skeptical distance Amy earlier rasped, “My act will change because I will need to learn to speak Spanish because I will move to Spain or somewhere. It’s beyond my comprehension if Trump won. It’s too crazy.” Amy joined several stars amorphously exacting to zip their bags and scamper off to seek out fresh pastures.

There were exceptions who trashed the flashy talks and threw their weight behind the new president. Kal Penn begged the naysayers for a vision shift stating, “Stop it [with] the moving to Canada s–t. Double down on the country we love. If Trump becomes president, we have to get MORE involved not less.”