Has Johnny Depp Decided To Hang Up His Boots And Sway To Shanty Tunes?

Has Johnny Depp hit a creative block, jaded from floggings of ‘has been there, seen it all’ reiterating iterations and decided to pack his bags and leave?

Attention-spiked, pointed-eared, reading & hearing between his lines through a smokescreen in some of his media chats: a salsa of creative fatigue has thrown the ball in his court, and his final decision, whether to stay or leave hangs in a ‘who knows’ balance. According to him, constant labor has taken a toll on him; it’s been a lopsided life of a plethora of dialogues over a long-spanning career. In the light of it, he is itching to drop the purist image and impose himself as a commonplace, everyday guy, enjoying small things of life.

He is desperate to unroll his sleeves, tap his latent, untapped self, with freedom at disposal to indulge in normal, unrehearsed conversations, unburdening himself from that baggage of rehearsed dialogues, that sophisticated star bearing, which he deems is becoming insane A duty above everything else attitude has embroiled him in a corrosive tussle of doppelgangers, but despite his on and off give-offs of threats on hanging up his boots, he is there and thereabouts.

This year, he cast a spell of attraction in Alice Through The Looking Glass, followed by a peek-a-boo appearance in Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, and J.K. Rowling’s pen-drive into a new chapter around the potter-like but more docile wizard will include the actor in a telling role.

Despite his conjectures to go missing without a trace, he is in the game and spreading out his cards like a veteran, and circumstantial evidence indicates that his give-offs at retirement is a handy maneuver to sustain vigil against any shortage of media focus on his whereabouts.