Red Eyed Azealia Banks Raring To Settle Scores With Russell Crowe

Excitement gobblers, below follows a stimulus, but its age-restricted for you may discover traces of impatience, anger, violence and unjust behavior. It’s a salad of human follies…………….

Smoke emitting from nostrils, red-eyed, and locked in fist of fury position, mum-me-not Azealia was caught unawares by Russell Crowe. She stands him accountable for ruffling her up in a fit of indiscretion- an uncalled bout of misbehavior, or a surgical strike to restore lost honor! A snide remark from Azealia beat the peace of Russell to pulp. She called him a baggy (pear-bottomed), aged man coping with obesity and the guests almost threw up in rapt attention. A gut-wrenched Crowe smoldered, fetched her by the neck and subjected her to racial abuse and showed her the exit door.

Adding fuel to the fire, Azealia wants to settle the scores and she is looking to lodge a case. Hollywood is known for its controversy faux channelization. Azealia has a devil-may-care attitude; before the utopia arises, she builds new worlds from scratch.

 She poses grim picture of a troubled psyche; she used severe words to hurt the sentiments of Zayn Malik on the social platform, but later on backtracked from the lost track, and offered an earnest apology for the rude shock meted out by her. She vouched that she has learned to identify her inner demons and accept accountability.

Who’s accountable this time around?