Red Eyed Azealia Banks Raring To Settle Scores With Russell Crowe

Excitement gobblers, below follows a stimulus, but its age-restricted for you may discover traces of impatience, anger, violence and unjust behavior. It’s a salad of human follies…………….

Smoke emitting from nostrils, red-eyed, and locked in fist of fury position, mum-me-not Azealia was caught unawares by Russell Crowe. She stands him accountable for ruffling her up in a fit of indiscretion- an uncalled bout of misbehavior, or a surgical strike to restore lost honor! A snide remark from Azealia beat the peace of Russell to pulp. She called him a baggy (pear-bottomed), aged man coping with obesity and the guests almost threw up in rapt attention. A gut-wrenched Crowe smoldered, fetched her by the neck and subjected her to racial abuse and showed her the exit door.

Adding fuel to the fire, Azealia wants to settle the scores and she is looking to lodge a case. Hollywood is known for its controversy faux channelization. Azealia has a devil-may-care attitude; before the utopia arises, she builds new worlds from scratch.

 She poses grim picture of a troubled psyche; she used severe words to hurt the sentiments of Zayn Malik on the social platform, but later on backtracked from the lost track, and offered an earnest apology for the rude shock meted out by her. She vouched that she has learned to identify her inner demons and accept accountability.

Who’s accountable this time around?

Justin Bieber Unzips His Wallet Cultivates Another Royal Accommodation

large_bieberexteriorlargeFor Justin Bieber, money grows faster than grass; this slave to luxuries uses it to consolidate his high life- phenomenal day mansions and nocturnal heavens. Hardcore money bounces of his wallet, a literal abstraction of the silver spoons in his mouth. Here more is less and it shows in his conduct: his latest fad is a huge mansion located in London, written off to him at a price-tag of 1.3 million sterling pounds annually as rent.

Justin’s propensity to ogle at pricey dwellings spills into a long list: another port of call for his nomad of luxuries. Justin’s latest temporary ownership is believed to siphon off the peace with his purse by almost 1,08,333 pounds a month.

The at-your-face mansion stops onlookers in their tracks and clicks with them from the first frame. It stands at 24000-square foot, the construction dates back to 1910, and it has come a long way; its past dwarfs in comparison to what it looks now, with a bathroom ambling in the scheme of things with 123 types of Italian marble, an aquatic pool to splash in, oxygenating spa, tennis court and wine cellar.

exteriorbieber_tenniscourtConsider it a disruptive brawl with yawn fest; being a variety lover he will snuggle deep into comfy embrace of pricey properties dividing time between London and Los Angeles. Stories of Justin’s much decorated London life have come to the fore, a source revealed that he was clicked having a home-cooked meal and milk inside the pricey property.

Emma Stone Wants To Settle Pay Pendulum In Middle

Once again, a girl of substance volunteered to reopen a pressed down, dusty case file, so to unthaw the residual pain from the past. Emma is bereft on the vaunting tilt of the pay pendulum towards the men, dampening the zeal of women.

Suiting herself, she drew attention to the bitter pill of raw deals Hollywood divas swallowed day in night out. Emma rustled up a debate, steering the ethos of Hollywood pay culture in a courtroom.

She cited that she is yet to suffer prejudice of the pay fiasco and reel under a financial crunch obtruded by heavier pay cheques awarded to men. The actress discerned that success and popularity make the mayor go around: the merchants of Hollywood dream put extra zeroes on a pay cheque or erase off a few depending upon the standing and popularity of a star, and those are the decisions unrelated to one’s gender.

Lucky her, she is free from gripes of slim pay meted out to women in comparison to larger pies men take home, and can discern the larger picture from a vantage point. How many can boost of that, as Hollywood’s overall record in this regard is enveloped in a dubious shade.

He and she is a one pole that is poles apart. Men lack the ethereal feminine grace, patience, the ability to bear children, whereas they have that protective embrace, resolute willpower and masculine attractiveness, which women do not have. Things work well in tandem, at emotional, physical and mental levels. Absorb the implied sans qualification, without draping clothes of foolish reasoning and conning the basic set-up of nature. After all, things work in tandem, he and she was meant to be him and her, not a he and a she. So, why the pay prejudice, we must ask why?