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Download Underworld 4 Awakening Movie | Watch Full Underworld 4 Awakening Movie Online

Underworld 4 Awakening
Director:  Mans Marlind  Bjorn Stein 
Release Date: 2012-01-20
Hits: 706736
Underworld 4 Awakening

The story of the fourth sequel of the Underworld series that is Underworld: Awakening gets far more serious and entertaining this time. No more fights among the Vampires and the Lycans, now the scene changes to the struggle for survival among the humans and both these indigenous species. When the humans come to know of the existence and the continuation of such species that pose a threat to humanity they declare a war to eradicate all of them to secure their own future. Now the Vampire head Selene leads the troops of the Lycans and the Vampires to confront the humans and fight for the survival of their clans.

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