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The Help
Director:  Tate Taylor 
Category:  Drama Movies 
Release Date: 2011-08-12
Hits: 778747
The Help

The Help is a drama that has been set up in Mississippi at the time of 1960s. The movie is about the story of Skeeter (Stone), southern society girl she just returned from her college and after that in turned the life of all the citizens of Mississippi by taking the interview of a black women who take care of prominent southern families and spent their whole life in doing this. She first took up the interview of Aibileen (Davis), who is a housekeeper in her friend\'s house as she is perfect to tell about the life of her black community. As this grew longer then more woman starts coming in front to tell their stories and then the unlikely friendships starts and too then a new sisterhood emerges. Then they all got into the changing times.

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