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Download Negeri 5 Menara Movie | Watch Full Negeri 5 Menara Movie Online

Negeri 5 Menara
Director:  Affandi Abdul Rachman 
Category:  Drama Movies  Family Movies 
Release Date: 2012-02-01
Hits: 347965
Negeri 5 Menara

The movie is about a muslim boy named Alif who has just completed his secondary school and his parents wants him to take admission in the Pondok Madani which is a religious schools, opposing all his feelings he accepts the decision of his parents and goes to the Pondok Madani. There Alif finds that it is very hard to live in as the rules are extremely strict and it drives him in the depths of depression. There he grows his bonds with his roommates and from there it is seen that they all are hanging out collectively. One day as there usual hangout under the tower of the mosque they come to hear a phrase from there Mentor which means that one who gives his all will surely find success. Motivated by this they all promise each other under that tower that one day they all will go the the places they have been dreaming about.

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