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Lola Versus
Director:  Daryl Wein 
Category:  Comedy Movies 
Release Date: 2012-06-08
Hits: 104218
Lola Versus

How much difficult for a lady to live after break up! The plotline of ???Lola Versus??? is based on that. Lola is a 29 years old lady, who was in a relationship with her boyfriend for a long time. They were so close to each other. They decide to marry, but her world shatters, when her fianc? refuses to marry her. To get over her relationship, she seeks help from her two friends, who were aware with Lola???s problem. They suggest her that she should date other men. After getting advice from her friends, Lola starts dating a man, who is interested in Lola, but she is not comfortable with him because her past is not letting her to be in relationship again. Will Lola be able to maintain a balance in her life?

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