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Download Hantu dalam botol kicap Movie | Watch Full Hantu dalam botol kicap Movie Online

Hantu dalam botol kicap
Director:  Azhari Mohd Zain 
Category:  Comedy Movies  Horror Movies 
Release Date: 2012-02-09
Hits: 190461
Hantu dalam botol kicap

The movie Hantu dalam botol kicap is a Malaysian movie but the genre of the movie is horror comedy. The story of the movie is about a couple who is happily married and has three children. One day they decide to pay a visit to their mother in their hometown. There they Aminah asks his mother to take care of his kids to which she agrees. Children were soon the rules of the house and they were forbidden to enter the sealed room. Their first try was stopped by the grandmother but second time they enter and let loose a dangerous spirit which tries to kill but grandma reaches and takes precautions. But it is not sealed as it it wants to take its revenge.

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