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Download Chernobyl Diaries Movie | Watch Full Chernobyl Diaries Movie Online

Chernobyl Diaries
Director:  Bradley Parker 
Category:  Horror Movies  Thriller Movies 
Release Date: 2012-05-25
Hits: 239680
Chernobyl Diaries

How the lives of six young people meet the most dangerous situations of their life? The storyline of the movie is based f this kind of true situations. In this movie, there is a group of six people, who are visiting a place, which is known for its history. With them they have a guide. Before visiting that place, they are warned by the people, but they were much exited to visit that place. After reaching at that place, everything was normal in the starting, but sooner or later they get to know that they are not alone at that place. There is someone, who wants to kill them. Now, they are dealing with that unseen enemy. Will they be able to escape from that haunted place?

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