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Download Brave Movie | Watch Full Brave Movie Online

Director:  Mark Andrews  Brenda Chapman 
Release Date: 2012-06-22
Hits: 1170687

???Brave??? is the story of a little princess, which lives in the town of battle heroes. She is not like other princess, who spends their time in enhancing their beauty. She is a trained archer and loves to play it in forest. She determines to carve her own path of life. This kind of behavior put her in trouble in the past, but still she loves to play with danger. She finds herself in deep trouble, when to show her bravery, she defies the rules and tradition of the nation that were set up by the lords of that place. When people of that place come to know about the truth, they stand up against her. Her father, King Fergus, tells her that now she has to do things normal as they were before. How a little girl show her bravery to do the things normal!

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