NEWS: Another Break-Up, Cameron and Rodriguez Split

Many say these are rumors, but as per the silence shown on the topic by Cameron and Rodriguez both I think this is the truth and not just a rumor.

As per the latest data gathered by a US source we have come to know that Cameron and Rodriguez have called it quits. It is not working anymore. It is not a shock for many because these things just go on in Hollywood. The actress Justin Dreams of a Family Soon

The Baby Hit maker who rules the heart of some several thousands girls all around the orb has something that might please them, although only in thoughts. The 17 Jim Carrey a True & Innocent Lover

The 49 years old jovial actor Jim Carrey is always humorous and has a special essence of himself around him. When he is there just tension and worries are the things who hide away. But he hid a great secret in the depths of his own heart that were revealed to the world and to his secret crush yesterday (Wednesday 24 August, 2011) via his website.

Jim posted a video message on in which he told everyone and specially his love about his secret passionate and lovely feelings. The Easy A star Emma Stone resides in the heart of the comedy star and the whole time in the video he watched straight towards the camera and said it. It might have been difficult for the old man.

AS per the message in the video he says, Samantha Womack Will Present the Show With A Broken Toe

Hollywood actress Samantha Womack is going through a really hard time at the present. But her act shows complete determination and somewhat stubbornness. The British actress in going to perform on the stage in London in her show as scheduled. Everything is just as it was planned except that Samantha now has a broken toe.

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